Work With Me


30 Minute Consultation

This consultation is intended for those of you who have a specific question or life event that you would like to inquire about! Includes a 30 minute skype or phone call where I go into depth and we converse on the subject of your focus.



45 Minute Consultaion

This consultation done *via live video* is intended for those who would like to understand their soul blueprint on a deeper and more intimate level. In Astrology, the planets make up our character and reveal to us why we act the way we do, are attracted to certain things as well as reveal our personal lessons, challenges, talents and strengths. This 45 minute session enlightens you with timeless knowledge that will aid in progressing you on your unique path of self actualization. This reading is designed to help you to understand who you are and tap into your infinite creative potential. Book a reading with Kaylee now!



60 Minute Consultation

This hour long session is intended for more in-depth astrological insight done via live video where you can talk to Kaylee, ask questions and get to know your birth chart personally. This includes chart readings like a Natal Chart Reading (Soul Blueprint Reading), the Solar Return Chart (Birthday/Yearly Horoscope), Progressed Chart Reading (Long Term Inner Growth Chart). These sessions fill you with knowledge about yourself helping you to anticipate the course of time and prepare for the developmental processes of your life’s unfolding. Astrology is the ultimate self help, self transformation and self guidance tool. This reading is meant to help you uncover keys to personal success in every area of your life! Book a reading with Kaylee now!