Uranus in Taurus for Each Sun Sign (In-Depth)

Uranus first entered Taurus on May 15th, 2018. It will enter Taurus for one last and final time on 3/6/19 and will be in this sign until April of 2026.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion and evolution. Uranus strikes us with electric change, it governs discovery, invention, breakthroughs, innovation and all things progressive.

We are all REINVENTING our SELF IMAGE. This is a time of massive awakenings when it comes to what is TRULY of value. Some key themes to be aware of for the next 7 years:

Earth changes.
Changes in the environment.
New consciousness around money & ownership.
Letting go of physical attachment.
Getting back into our bodies.
Agricultural breakdowns.
New foods and being more in-tune with how we are feeding our bodies.
Issues around fertility.
Scientific or technological breakthroughs around the betterment of the environment.
Eccentric new beauty trends.

Uranus in Taurus for Aries Sun

Uranus in Taurus is making a semi-sextile aspect to your Sun! During the course of the next 7 years you can benefit greatly from practicing detachment of self because a more free-spirited version of you is emerging. When we get too attached to an identity that no longer serves us it’s like we begin living a lie, during this time Aries you are challenged to break free from old limited ways of being and to embrace exciting new ventures as well as take in new information.

The semi-sextile is favorable for changes and advancement of new thought yet is a difficult transit as there’s a lot going on around you that inspires change within you. Making adjustments now in your way of life is what is required of you to adapt to the changing circumstances that surround you. This semi-sextile indicates that now is a time of preparing for when your Sun is sextile to Uranus when Uranus goes into Gemini in 2026.

Practicing self-awareness will help you tap into this opportunity to make shifts in how you express yourself in your life. This is about movement toward growth but it is not expected that the work be completed. You are moving toward greater awareness of how you fit into the total collective.

You’re usual ability to constantly be in motion may be hindered by changing circumstances in front of you and you may be forced to slow down and take in new information. This semi-sextile may also prove to awaken new interests that you may seek further into down the line, perhaps interests in technological advancements, embracing your inherent resources and traits, futuristic ideas or as well as greater interest in astrology and other forms of individualization.

The next 7 years will involve little steps toward integrating a more independent and eccentric version of you that is more aligned with who you’ve become. There is an opening of new energy awakening you gradually to a new level of autonomy. This is not a time of completion rather the beginning of a new awareness.

Rebellious urges can be strong for you now Aries, along with the desire to go your own way! This is in the process of becoming and it may be hard to express fully this new form of liberated self-expression. Trust the process, your time is coming!

Uranus in Taurus for Taurus Sun

You are the sign that resists changing the most! Trying new things is not always easy for you and you find security in having things be dependable, Uranus is not going to let this happen for the next 7 years. It is best to embrace change as it comes because a new you that lives with greater integrity is emerging as well as a new way of life of that matches this newly awakened being! This is a time of awakening for you Taurus!

Embrace rebellion and don’t be afraid to against the grain if that’s what it takes to stay true to the most authentic version of you!

The effect will be felt and seen most noticeably in shifts in your personality and in the way you present yourself to the world.

Your self-image is being upgraded to reflect who you are at this time. Let the circumstances that occur in your life inspire you and remember that all circumstances are here to liberate you from outdated internal programming. The revolution is here and this is your time to shine.

A freshness comes over you when you decide to embrace change and release resistance around it.

Outside circumstances continue to push you toward a more authentic version of you, you may have felt stagnant or stuck in your way of being until now!

You inspired to make money and create security for yourself in innovative and unconventional ways!

For some this may awaken the need to go a different path in regard to health and physical wellness, as Taurus is very connected to the body and the senses, now is a great time to follow the inspiration toward holistic or alternative methods of healing.

You’re likely to feel the need to change your diet into something more light, gentle on the body. Most likely drawn to less caffeine and food that’s hard to digest. Eating aligned with nature.

The actions you take now are for the greater good, by embracing change instead of resisting it, you THRIVE. Allow yourself to envision a more evolved way of doing things, what you do now could be seen as unusual or different only to later down the line be considered normal and commonplace.

Uranus in Taurus for Gemini Sun

Uranus in Taurus is making a semi-sextile aspect to your Sun! Over the next few years you will be met with the need to assert extra effort to integrate your independence and the unique part of your personality.

You like everyone else is feeling the need to revamp and upgrade your thinking. You may find yourself needing to practice trial and error in finding your new unique way of operating in this changing world. Old ways of thinking are being replaced with eccentric and innovative thought processes. It’s going to take some effort on your part to shift your thoughts but it will be worth it when you mature into a more self-aware, independent individual.

Gemini, now is a time of integrating new information to prepare for the conjunction Uranus will make when it moves into your Sun sign 4/2026, you are here to create the last shifts in your personality in order to truly break free from the old and step into an evolved version of you. A version that is free and unrestricted.

This time for you is not of completion rather of allowing entry of new, this will require some effort on your part but will be worth it when you see what it is all for.

Uranus here in the sign next to your makes it so that you get to experience these changes within your own immediate environment. People, places, things around you will all be changing, evolving, getting revolutionized by this transit of Uranus in the Earth sign Taurus, in this you have the chance to learn and grow your mind and your being by observing what’s going on around you.

A major key for you Gemini is to integrate new information daily in order to shift your perspective and awaken your truest version of self. By reading, listen to others in conversation, observing your surrounding you can find yourself having epiphanies, awakenings that alter your consciousness forever.

The KEY for you Gemini is LEARNING and taking in new information about the future and where it’s headed. This may be a challenging time of finalizing some self-realization. Your coming to a deeper understanding about who you truly are now, what makes you unique as well as the humanitarian side of you.

Uranus in Taurus for Cancer Sun

Uranus in Taurus will be making a sextile aspect to your Sun Cancers! During the next 7 years Uranus is in a great place for you Cancers. With a sextile we find our ability to make change flows naturally and with ease. The effect Uranus has on your Sun opens your awareness to new possibilities that you did not perceive before now.

You Cancers are very emotionally sentimental people, this may make it hard to let go of things that you feel strongly about, whilst Uranus is sextile you Sun the transition to a liberated version of you may look like a change in social group, a change in lifestyle or daily routine.

Practicing self-awareness would be a helpful tool on this journey moving forward, it helps to understand what we have going on inside us and in this it makes it easier to understand what you need to do in order to align with this new version of you that is emerging. By actively taking participation in your own awakening you allow the process to go very smoothly, as a sextile does indicate a time of new possibilities opening before you. It helps to be ready for change when it calls us.

A newfound ability to express yourself in a way that is unique and authentic to you is born out of this transit. By simply being yourself and follow creative urges, you can find yourself doing something great for humanity. This sextile to Uranus offers you the ability to change, awaken, innovate within your life so that you may allow greater freedom.

Your personality can be revolutionized by the changes in the world when you choose to embrace your own unique path.

Uranus in Taurus for Leo Sun

Leos, your Sun with being square Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years. This inquires that you will be met with challenges and sudden unexpected changes in your life experience. Your bright personality is being altered, changed into an even more authentic expression of your source. This is to occur with a bit of tension and maybe a bit of discomfort as you find yourself needing to take your life in a new direction.

Surprising external events occur to stir up your normal perception of who you are, your being called toward the process of INDIVIDUALIZATION. Which is essentially the process of ego development. We all have an Ego, a personality self that is shines from within us. Leo, this is your time to take all the tests coming your way and utilize them to get to know who you are on a much deeper level. A new version of you is being formed through being met with adversities, you are challenged now to be flexible and adapt to changes circumstances.

You may cause some upset to those who don’t understand the rash and unexpected decisions you will be called to make during this time. The people who support your growth and allow you the freedom to grow will be the ones who stick around. You’re called to freedom now and anything that hinders this you will feel you must let go.

Another situation you Leos may find yourselves in is feeling like you can express yourself truly in the circumstances or people you are surrounded by. There’s a possibility that you’ve taken a step toward freedom but in turn the circumstances turned into just another limiting factor. Uranus square your Sun asks you to reevaluate your will for freedom and what freedom really means for you.

The KEY is for you Leo = find a way to express and filter this energy that will allow you to release built up tension. Squares are difficult and a clear call toward readjustment of behavior as well as lifestyle. The universe is inspiring you to make change for the sake of becoming the true authentic you.

Uranus in Taurus for Virgo Sun

Virgo’s, Uranus in Taurus will trine your Sun! Your usual routine may feel like it’s becoming outdated and more restricting and Uranus is here making it very easy and organic for you to make change in how you live and be.

Change occurs naturally aligning you with what you need in order to align with the most authentic version of your being. Big, sudden, creative and stimulating ventures are before you with Uranus in Taurus.

By embracing change you can find liberation, your vision of the future is clearer than its been and by choosing inventive ways of creative expression you open yourself up to new and exciting opportunities. Your life really begins to shift when you choose to change your inner dialogue as well as your attitude in general. Your consciousness is able to take leaps in levels of awareness and your ability to shine as an individual now by really embracing innovation and new ways of doing things and expressing yourself.

If you pay attention you will see that the unexpected changes or occurrences in your life experience that produce change, end up leading you to exactly where you need to be at this very moment. The events occurring in your life are to help you adjust to the inconsistency of life, creating the ability to thrive under the circumstances that unfold over the next few years.

KEY: for you Virgos, be super aware of yourself now, you’ll know what the next step you need to take is as long as you are connected to yourself.

Uranus in Taurus for Libra Sun

Libras! Uranus will make a quincunx aspect to your Sun at some point over the course of the next 7 years! Quincunx symbolizes a need to redirect energy. This may prove to be a bit of a challenging time where you are required to make some adjustments in your life experience.

What you will feel for the course of this transit is that your perspective of life is opening, you are seeing things differently than you once have. This new awareness may lead you to new ways of doing things that others may not understand so clearly. This may cause others to misunderstand you during this time, but understand that the next 7 years is not about being understood by others particularly, rather to understand yourself on a deeper level.

When experiencing a quincunx aspect in transit it feels very unusual. The two energies that connect are not compatible with each other so therefore within you Libra’s it may feel as though you are compartmentalizing. Your own self-expression may feel separate from your normal group interactions, or maybe you just begin to feel off in groups or with friends in an unusual way.

You are not wrong, and there is nothing wrong with you! You are simply in a transition period where your own inner development needs attention. You are asked by Uranus quincunx your Sun to be flexible and find new ways to filter your creative energy.

I do project that you may feel this as a time of blockages, misunderstandings but please remember this, that your unique being is experiencing a time of ego development, when Uranus enters Gemini in 2026 you will reap the rewards of the self-awareness you develop now.

It’s time to reflect upon any ego-driven behaviors you may have or self-centered viewpoints that need revising. By getting past these lower forms of utilizing your energy you can now redirect your creative power and THRIVE when Uranus enters Gemini. For now understand that your time to shine is coming, now is about cultivating greater self-awareness and allowing for new positive outlets for creative self-expression.

Uranus in Taurus for Scorpio Sun

Scorpio Sun’s you can expect a time of rapid and sudden unexpected changes in your life to occur over the next 7 years, especially as Uranus makes its exact opposition from your natal Sun!

You may find yourself needing to react quickly to changing circumstances in your life. Uranus is working to AWAKEN you from slumber of who you truly are, and is doing this through external people, events, situations. This is to inspire your deepest authentic expression from within you.

Uranus represents FREEDOM so therefore your freedom may feel like it becoming increasingly hindered by circumstances that were once very pleasant.

You feel more of a desire for individuality based on circumstances that invoke this from within you. It’s very possible that you will face opposition from those in your life that you feel are limiting your truest self-expression. Keep in mind that everything that’s happening is to awaken a new level of conscious awareness.

Security and stability within your life may be increasingly more difficult to maintain.

Learning to adapt = KEY for you Scorpios!

Opposition’s deal with outer circumstances coming in and affecting your being, be extra mindful for circumstances that shift causing you to feel increasingly desirous of greater freedom and individual self-expression. Oppositions require us to have AWARENESS of what’s going on in our life experience and how its creating shifts within our own consciousness.

Uranus in Taurus for Sagittarius Sun

The next 7 years for you Sagittarius’s will be an adventurous journey yet you will likely find yourself more taking a more cautious approach moving forward, Sagittarius! Uranus is making a quincunx otherwise known as an inconjunct aspect to your Sun! Quincunxes are a 150-degree aspect that requires us to redirect our energy, adjust how we use our life force and face certain challenges ultimately for the sake of personal growth!

A newfound level of needing freedom is making you increasingly more restless, ready to break free! This long transit will encourage you to disconnect from worrying about being understood by others and to instead focus your energy on creating and achieving positive results within your own life.

You are finding a new way to express yourself and your individuality based the recovery of your personal core values. This time requires you to be flexible, Sagittarius, because change is here. For you, you must be willing to embrace the change as it comes or feelings of tension could manifest within you. Right now the universe tells that you have a lot of creative energy that has been stored up that needs some sort of channel now.

Uranus in Taurus is going to ask you to make adjustments in your life, to take steps toward self-realization. Making small changes every day is the KEY to utilizing this transit in the most positive and beneficial way! Use your inspiration as a motivating force that keeps you moving forward steadily and sure-footed.

Unexpected events may cause you to realize who you are on an even deeper level of awareness than ever before, embrace these sudden awakenings as they are opening your eyes to the person you are now, the soul you’ve become. You will be changed by this transit, it’s better to work with it than against it!

It’s best to live inspired yet pragmatic at this time, with this evolutionary transit making a connection to your Sun understand that this offers you the ultimate opportunity to identify opportunities and to firmly seize them. Trust in yourself and the unique being you are. You exactly where you need to be, and have the ability to achieve anything you set your arrow to and move toward in faith. Use your benevolent energy for a purpose and this transit will serve you beautifully.

Uranus in Taurus for Capricorn Sun

This transit will be like a natural shift and change in your personality, Uranus will trine your Sun in Capricorn, making changes for you the next 7 years will unfold with ease and without the disruption. Big changes are occurring and you are clearer than ever about the path of freedom you desire.

Visualization using your higher mind can prove to be a magical tool for aligning yourself in a positive and progressive state.

Your perception shifts as situations that kept you from freely expressing yourself for fear that it may disturb people’s expectations of you or upset the order of things, dissipate now. You are able to move and be yourself freely!

Taking action to free yourself will happen easily, your experience will continue to offer you greater self-awareness as to what you desire to create in this life and how there is no time to wait.

Yours aligned with the opportunity to use your higher mind, your genius to create a new way of living for yourself, Capricorn, something that is something completely more aligned with your individuality.

The universe offers you the chance to BREAK FREE of your own perceived limitations and to really take your ambitions to a new level. Your world is about to change and you will have an easier time then some moving and evolving with it. Practical results will show up in your life when you decide that you no longer care what people think and choose to go after what you’re inspired to do/be/have. This is an opportunistic time for you to really take actions based off of integrity and trust.

You can feel the excitement of something new with a sense that better things are on the horizon. The changes that take place now are for the greater good, they are to help you to better understand your place in this world, your unique sense of self-expression and your individuality,

Uranus in Taurus for Aquarius Sun

Uranus being your ruling planet in Taurus makes it that Uranus will square your Sun! This will be a time of challenges and disruptions for you where Uranus will test you with unexpected changes in your life as you know it.

If you have felt in any way constrained or limited in your life, Uranus will offer you some freedom, but only when you make conscious shifts in your own habits. By practicing self-awareness daily you will understand what you need to do in order to come into even greater alignment with your individuality.

You are being forced to change in some way and sometimes with a square this may occur through a bit of tension or upset. You will want to break free from any shackles whether circumstantial or based on internal belief systems that are holding you back from being your most authentic version of self.

You may find yourself acting differently, more erratic and impulsive… you are finding your own unique self-expression and this will all be better for you in the long run.

A major key for handling this square to your Sun is to think outside the box, be flexible and prepared to change course if you feel no longer aligned with the path you are on
New opportunities present themselves to you, Aquarius, when you adjust yourself according to your deepest inner knowing of what is right for you. You of all people get excited about change and evolution, it’s best to keep in mind that everything happening now is to serve your greatest good and the greater good of humanity.

This process is going to require inner work to soothe any restless feelings that arise, understand what is hindering your individual self-expression so that you may liberate yourself from the inside out. By practicing self-awareness you can make the changes necessary in your life, remember to focus on what you can control, which is yourself and the inner work you do!

KEY for you Aquarius = keep an open mind and be proactive about positive change. It is time to redefine what freedom means for you in your life.

Uranus in Taurus for Pisces Sun

Uranus in Taurus is making a sextile to your Sun! A sextile allows you to easily express excitement, change and eccentricity through your ego. It’s easy for you Pisces to express your unique soul expression at this time. Through your interests and your work you can find meaning and an outlet for creative expression. What you imagine is very possible when staying true to you even if the path seems unusual or unique. Much of this journey is learning to let intuition inspire you toward new and exciting ways of living your light.

This is a time of increased personal awareness for you that could come as a result of feedback from personal interactions.

This transit offers opportunity when you use your power to be inventive and increase your own self-awareness. You can easily enter into a new way of life over the next few years by embracing your unique soul expression.

Using technology and the unique social network it provides to get connected!

This is truly an opportunistic time for you when you apply yourself to new and exciting ventures. Follow your intuition as it will guide you on the highest path for your unique being, efforts to make change in your life come smoothly. Optimize your ability to be flexible at this time as you are in the midst of some changes, the things you do now may benefit many other people besides yourself as Uranus sextile your Sun makes it natural for you to express your inner spirit.

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