Self-Knowledge Session

Kaylee is so intuitive and was so accurate when going over my birth cart! She gave many tools and recommendations to help incorporate the information further into my life. I’m definitely booking another session soon to go over current transits and looking forward to learning more from her.

September 7, 2020 | Aspen

Birth Chart Reading

Kaylee readings are on point. thanks to her I have a more clear understanding what I need to accomplish in my life. thank you again I well definitely be using your services again.

August 26, 2020 | Uriah

Astrology Reading and Compatibility

Kaylee has been an amazing intuitive guidance in my life for a few years now. She has lead me to so much clarity and expansion in my journey. After my daughter was born, I booked a session with her to get my chart read as well as my daughter and the comparison of the two! We are a year in now and she couldn’t have been more right about dates, personality, and events that may occur according to our charts! She answered every question thoroughly and was honest, compassionate, and open to feedback! Both readings were incredible and I highly recommend any of her services as she is a powerful knowledge woman whose intuition leads the way! Thank you Kay!

August 25, 2020 | Megan

Solar Return Session

Kaylee is an amazing intuitive astrologist! Getting a map of what’s to come in my next year was so helpful in confirming the things that have been coming up in my life are divinely timed. I feel refreshed and positively energized knowing I’m aligned with what’s coming my way! I cannot recommend booking a session with Kaylee enough!!

August 24, 2020 | Kylie

Natal Chart Reading

Kaylee is good at what she does. She was spot on with my personality. Will book a session with her again for the annual forecast.

August 18, 2020 | Sebastian

Amazing birthday gift for yourself!!

Kaylee is truly such a beautiful soul and her passion for her craft is really something I dearly admire. I treated myself to a birthday forecast reading and was very amazed at how in depth we were able to get. I now feel aligned and extra in tune for the blessings to come this year! She even gave me certain dates to look out for. Much love and gratitude for all you do!!

August 16, 2020 | Nick

Great read!

I had a birthday forecast and a self-knowledge counseling session with Kaylee. I learned a lot about myself and upcoming events. Kaylee has a special ability to channel information and put pieces of the astrology chart together to help you understand yourself better. Highly recommend a reading! She is also really easy to talk to and passionate about her work.

August 4, 2020 | Simi

Birthday Forecast

Kaylee has an amazing gift. She’s an intuitive who has in-depth knowledge reading astrology. Kaylee was very insightful about several things happening in my life. Her knowledge will make my year ahead very fulfilling. I would recommend her Birthday Forecast (Solar Return Chart).

August 1, 2020 | Donna

A small sample meant a lot

Wow! Kaylee is so spot on, it’s unbelievable. I have been studying my own chart for 8 years and she mentions two things and it’s like I’ve never seen them before. It’s seriously…. amazing. I gained so much insight that it radically changed how I saw things that week and has continued to nurture me with her words into my actions. I have nothing but gratefulness for her Instagram live readings. I can’t even imagine a full reading. Just, wow.

July 28th, 2020 | Sofia

Recommends Kaylee Scharpf Astrology

Kaylee is absolutely fantastic with her approach to Astrology! She’s naturally intuitive and her insight to birth charts is truly remarkable. She’ll know things about you, that only friends/family (or only you yourself) would understand. And the amount of personable details as well as analysis to our daily habits/routines are spot on. Kaylee’s charming and fun personality, along with her ability to put one at ease, make it all the more engaging. She really is great! 😊

November 27, 2019 | Joe