This Moon holds the vibration of 22 very strongly with both the Sun & the Moon opposing at 22°. This is a master number that expands from the number 11— the theme here is MANIFESTATION. We are called to create form our heart centers the life we aspire to live. Today we can tap into the energies of the universe by focusing intention powerfully on what it is we desire, in this turn we can our most ambitious dreams into reality!

This Moon is in Aquarius— the sign of the future, future goals & aspirations, technology, and human interconnectedness. This Moon brings us different things for different people but the main theme is most certainly about making a contribution to the whole! Aquarius as a sign is all about kindness, humanity and getting together to make a shift for the greater good. On the other hand, it is about the process of self individualization. This is essentially the unfolding of one’s own unique blueprint which coincides with manifesting one’s own dream and vision for their reality.

I think what is key here is understanding that we are all connected and all in this life together. Each of us as an individual has a soul purpose on this planet and not one of us has a path that is the same.

Surprisingly, for me personally, this FM has brought up deep anger (could have to do with the fact that I have Mars in Leo). I feel angered by the people who are mistreated just because they are different. I feel anger when people belittle those who are a little unusual, or different than the majority. We are all human, what difference do our sexual preferences make? Or our skin color? Or anything else for that matter… We all exist on this earth, and all go back to it when our time is done here.

I think this is hugely an aspect of the archetype of Aquarius— the idea that as an individual we are not special (being the opposite sign of Leo). Aquarius is more about unity with others and the idea that we are all simply human. Yes, we all have unique qualities about us that make us special but there’s something beautiful about togetherness and oneness with the whole. This Full Moon illuminates this concept that we are to live our light with authenticity but in order to maintain balance, we must understand that we are apart of the whole of humanity. We all play a role in this world and each of us matter.

Today keep in mind the value of love, warmth, and open-heartedness. We can uplift others by standing in love, being in a state of tenderness. Tenderness does not make one weak, rather it makes one stronger— for the tender heart is an open heart, with the ability to truly connect to all that is. ☀

Happy Full Moon everyone!

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Jupiter Direct

It’s such a great day when Jupiter goes direct! It’s like all the inspired ideas we have to expand our lives are able to be perceived clearly once again! Jupiter direct is a symbol of forward movement, goal setting and achieving.

Jupiter governs over the sign of Sagittarius whose symbol is this ♐, an arrow pointing upward. This has a deeper meaning that we are going to dive into right now.

The symbol of Sagittarius is a bow and arrow. When we take the time to really think about the deeper meaning of this the energy of Jupiter becomes very clear! When one shoots a bow and arrow they are aiming it at something. When doing so they focus on the desired outcome, pull back the arrow and (this is a very important part) they let go! They let go of their arrow to hit their target. Now, if we break this down, we can gain some deeper insight into what Jupiter is all about.

First, the aiming of the arrow, this is symbolic of a life goal or an outcome we’d like to achieve. By first understanding where we want to aim, we are then able to hit the target! With no goal, there is nothing to aim for.

Second, the pulling back of the arrow. This part is symbolic of gaining clarity within about the desired outcome. We have to focus on the outcome, with the will to hit the target! This is the work we do to get where we want to go, which sometimes takes strategy and intense focus.

And thirdly, the letting go of the arrow and going for the desired achievement or outcome. This part is symbolic of when we must let go and have full faith. When we let go of the goal, not holding on too tightly but rather staying in optimism in faith that it will work out- we allow for the universe to help support us. Achievement is fun, and staying in faith helps in attracting positive outcomes. The letting go part has to do with having full faith in your vision and trusting in the action you take.

Jupiter went direct at 6:37 am PST & 9:37 am EST on August 11th, 2019 and will be in it’s a home sign, Sagittarius, until December 2nd, 2019. Until then we are operating under a lucky star. When you put what you want out into the universe, focus on it with optimism and faith, and take inspired action- things tend to work out magically!

So what do you want to aim for? What are your goals? Sit down and really focus on them today, get clear as to where you are setting your aim. Then, let go… Trust the universe has got your back. And take action when inspired!

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you!

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