Jupiter in Sagittarius Through the Houses

Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius! This fortunate transit only happens every 12 years and will be offering us all a sense of greater wonder, a need to travel, explore and expand into broader horizons during the entire year of 2019! A heightened sense of restlessness pushes us to go beyond and aimContinue reading “Jupiter in Sagittarius Through the Houses”

Sagittarius Season and What To Expect!

We are now in Sagittarius Season! Today the Sun is at 0° of Sagittarius, coming closer to colliding with Jupiter within the next few days! With the opposing Moon in 0° of Gemini, making today a very special day. Full Moons are climaxing experiences, where the energy is more likely to feel explosive and heightened.Continue reading “Sagittarius Season and What To Expect!”

11/18/18 Energetic Update ~ Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Sun in Scorpio 26 degrees Somehow it keeps evading me that the Sun is still in Scorpio! Maybe because I’ve been so engulfed in it, so very subjected in the experience. I do have Scorpio sitting on the very bottom of my chart, ruling the roots, home, influence of upbringing, security needs, how I feelContinue reading “11/18/18 Energetic Update ~ Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius”