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Birth Chart Consultations

The birth chart is a map to the soul. Together we can explore it for insights, gathering in-depth knowledge of self along the way.

Solar Return Chart

Around our birthdays every year we experience what is called a solar return, a point of renewal that tells of what to expect for the year ahead. 

Relationship Consulations

Using Composite and Synastry charts combined we gather the bigger picture of the relationship dynamic between you and a lover, friend or family member. This consultation is useful in creating greater understanding between you and someone significant in your life.

Full Year Forecast

The Full Year Forecast includes all major transits and progressions of the year ahead neatly presented in a way that you can refer back to all year long. Offers key insights into different experiences, challenges, opportunities and much more.

Transits and progressions

This service provides personalized insight into short term and long term growth in your life. We explore the more immediate events unfolding in your life experience as well as a more progressive, long term understanding of your soul’s journey at large.

Half Year Forecast

A in-depth layout of the next 6 months. Includes all major transits and progressions for the next 6 months. Challenges, opportunities, and much more.