Relationship Reading


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Composite charts combine two people together using a midpoint method. This chart gives deep insight into the energy dynamic between two people. A Synastry chart lays the two charts on top of each other, creating a layout for the way two different personalities intertwine. Each of us individually have an entire universe within, but when two worlds merge together we create a whole new cosmic dynamic all together. Using both charts, this consultation goes into depth about you and another person. Thus providing great insight into how the two personalities play well together, challenges the two face and the ultimate focus for this particular duo. This in-depth consultation is intended to help you understand yourselves better individually as well as in relation to each other.

The main intention with every consultation is to bring awareness to things that may be not be fully conscious. By putting light on the unknown aspects of ourselves we can awaken the truth of our souls potential. This consultation requires your birth date, time and place.