Half Year Astrological Forecast



The Half Year forecast in intended for those who would like to have a clear understanding of how to best prepare for what’s to come. Includes both transits and progressions. This session offers a detailed overview of the 6 months ahead. Special attention can be given to months or days that may be of significance to you. This session offers in depth insight as to what days are challenging days and why, what days are opportunistic as well as just day in general to be aware of!

This consultation requires 2 weeks preparation time and includes and hour long conversation via phone, video chat or in person (Seattle, WA & surrounding areas only). Includes a neatly organized booklet of information gathered for your own reference throughout the year.

The main intention with every consultation is to bring awareness to things that may be not be fully conscious. By putting light on the dark parts of ourselves we can awaken the truth of our being. This consultation requires your birth date, time and place- if you do not have your birth time, we can still work with the date, but it wont be as specific.