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Spiritual Advisory Program

I’ve created this program to serve you in your evolution here on earth. This program has been born from the depths of my heart + soul. Inspired by my mission to serve as a catalyst for those who are willing to do whatever it takes to live their highest potential! Over the course of three months, we explore the very core depths of your inner workings. Deeping your connection to your soul’s blueprint (natal chart) by connecting deeply to one planet at a time. With the use of your natal chart, transits as well as progressions, we set out on transformative journey offering light to the very depths of your soul’s calling! This work is structured to change your awareness of yourself for the rest of your life, offering insight that keeps on giving! This is for the souls who know it’s their time… time to take their lives to that next level. Time to expand their self-awareness + be held, challenged, and supported by someone who can really SEE them.

When you make the decison to work with me in this capacity...

You are making a commitment to your soul’s evolution and growth in this lifetime. The work we do in this container includes deep journaling for self un-covery, shadow work, creating healthy habits, and deep self exploration bringing to the surface the very essence of your soul.  

You don't need to do it alone!

In this safe space, you will be supported to express all ranges of emotion & to explore all aspects of your life experience! This work is designed to teach you about your inner workings. We work with each planet individually, focusing on its aspects, its house, and the house it governs to create a comprehensive guide to embody the highest expression of what the particular planet represents. This work will require the entirety of you to show up and be willing to change for the better! I am here to support you on your journey!

This work is for those who….

If you are seeking to know yourself by exploring the depths of who you are, this is the work for you. We dig deep to give you self-knowledge coupled with self-awareness, allowing you to rise into your highest potential. If you feel the call.. apply below!

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