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Birth Chart Reading

1 hour 15 minutes @ $166.00

Interested in gaining greater self-awareness & further your understanding of your soul’s purpose in this life? During this 1.25 hour session, we discuss your inner workings offering you in-depth insight into your soul’s path of evolution! Your birth chart can be thought of as a blueprint to your soul mission. The Self Knowledge Intensive offers insight into your inner workings to aid you in navigating your life experience with divine clarity & soul embodiment!

Current Life Events Report (Transits & Progressions)

1 hour 30 minutes @ $222.00

Here we will discuss the current challenges as well as opportunities you are experiencing now & up to a year into the future. This reading will offer you transformative and practical insight as to how to navigate your life experience with deeper self-awareness. If you would like to address a particular life matter & receive guidance, this is the appointment for you! Includes the written version of the reading as well as personalized journal prompt questions that are emailed to you to reflect on.

Yearly Forecast (Solar Return Chart)

1 hour @ $111.00

Every year on your birthday you get an astrological chart that reveals the energy of the year ahead! During this 1 hr session, I will bring awareness to the overall message of your SR chart. From one birthday to the next, the SRC is an excellent tool in revealing the themes that will arise for you during your next “solar year”. By offering you practical insight about what to expect in the year ahead, you will gain a clear understanding as to how to best navigate the themes that are unfolding! 

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