August 29th, 2019

Today the Sun will trine Uranus as we’ve have been antisipating for some time now. Be open to sudden changes and shifts in perceptive. Today will awaken us to a new way of seeing and being. Uranus is the AWAKENER of the planets, ruling over revolution, rebellion and breakthroughs in consciousness. This planet is all about furthering the evolution of humanity at large. Today is about how we, as unique individuals, can change ourselves for the better to further this collective goal!

We are a day away from the New Moon in Virgo and the atmospheric energy is getting increasingly more concentrated. The focus now is self improvement, purification & the use of discernment to pin point what is useful & discard of what is not. Virgo is all about having clear and pure thought, the thought required for anything to be done with precision and detailed efficiency!

The New Moon will occur tomorrow at 3:37 am PST, so that 7:37 am EST! At 6° the Sun & Moon join forces to create a new cycle with a brand new momentum! During the course of the next 24 hours, remember to take extra care of your body, to ask it what it needs to operate with greater vitality! The body needs to be cleansed and cleared, as well as our space and environment. This new Moon is a great time to clean up, organized and renew our internal and external space.

This New Moon invites us to get really deeply honest with ourselves about what needs some fixing or improving in our personal as well as collective experience’s. This is a time of drastic changes, internal mostly. Introsoection can help the process go smoothly. Be open, receptive and aware that now is the time to radically shift and awaken! And remember, we are all in this together.

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