August 19th, 2019 Astro Forecast

Today’s Aries Moon is deeply felt as it trines the Sun in fiery Leo! Lots of fire energy fills the environment and we feel the will to let the Spirit of life fill us with action to take and the inspiration to move! The Moon in Aries is symbolic for a new cycle, as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. There is a new momentum emerging now! ⭐

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries entered into Virgo yesterday late night. We are motivated to serve, change and adjust in new ways! There is a call to refine our lives and to take action toward self-betterment. Mars in Virgo may motivate us to take on a new health care routine or invite us to really take a look at the ways in which we can better our own being. Virgo is all about the process of refinement & noticing what is not working so we may find a better way to do things! Don’t be afraid of some healthy criticism— and HEALTHY being the keyword here. Work toward bettering yourself but don’t let yourself get bogged down by trying to be perfect. We are all human and no one can live up to that standard. Just do your best!

The Nodes will be making a square to the Moon later today— today is a defining day of ADJUSTMENT. We are in some way asked to DO something that involves taking care of thyself. The North Node is our guiding point in astrology, we are always bring called forward it to grow and evolve. Being that it is in the sign of Cancer, there’s a need for emotion, self-nurturing, and self PROTECTION. Cancer’s sign is the crab— a crab has a protective shell for a good reason! For preditors who seek to destroy its soft center and vulnerability. We can all relate to this in some way. Protect yourself if need be. Your emotions are valuable. Your inner world is scared. Keep yourself safe, love yourself because it is essential in creating a solid foundation. 🦀

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