New Moon in Gemini 2019


June 3rd, 2019

Hello and good day to you all! Today is a New Moon, where the Moon and Sun come together in union to begin a new cycle. 🌑 A dark moon in Gemini represents a time where we can mentally reset ourselves, go within to the places that are normally hidden from our conscious awareness and find some hidden treasures inside. I’m sure you’ve heard “you’ve got everything you need inside you!” many times before… But right now I want you to feel it. Your mental focus is so powerful, why do you think it’s so in demand? Everywhere you go there are things saying “look at me!”— our attention is valuable, it is a currency. Pay extra close attention to where your focus is at today, maybe even take the time to really think upon how you would like your life to play out. Playfully, just imagine…

The Moon in Gemini does square Neptune in Pisces at 1:33 pm PT— a new foundation is in the process of being created. Let necessary changes happen while being an active part of their unfolding. Maybe today you become disillusioned and realize you must take your mind and focus it a different way; maybe today you find yourself daydreaming about lands far away. My best take on today energy is— find a way to focus it. Take the things you’ve learned recently and let them inspire you to expand. Right now the action we take can really move us closer to our destiny, as Mars is coming into union with the North Node in Cancer (comes into exact conjunction on June 11th, 2019).

Move forward, take care of your own needs first and everything will work out for you. Please, take care of yourself and understand that this is not something you can debate as important. It is essential- an innate need. When we choose to take care of ourselves- we say yes to the universe is supporting us in allowing what we need. When we rush, worry, stress, go against ourselves we negate help and supportive energy from the universe. Trust that in caring for your own needs you will be soon able to help others- but you come first. Over the course of the next few days keep this in mind as an aid in making decisions. The North Node is in Cancer. ♋

Blessings & wishing you great energy. ⭐