April 8th, 2019

Moon in Taurus today makes for a grounded feel, we can focus on what is important and meaningful to us. Taurus is about the foundation of our being- our self worth being the root to how much abundance you allow in or you limit yourself from. Taurus is the sign of money, security, food, wellbeing, stability, values as well as self-worth and self-value. If you think about it, these things all really do coincide. When we see ourselves as valuable we move differently through life, we respond from a calm and sure place, we are grounded in our selves. This Taurus Moon could be calling us to shift our perceptions toward a view that is more self-loving and supporting- therefore more clear. You are a valuable being and the more you realize it the more courage you will have to live your light in this world. Heal your self and you open yourself up to life beyond overwhelming pain and suffering, you can do it. You are worthy of above and beyond what you can imagine, but only you can provide the life you want for yourself. There will be others who support you and help you along your path, including this you can not see but it will be you who leads the way. The universe has given you a vision, a heart desire because you are here to align with it in full glory and to know your full power as a creator in this life.

The Moon will enter curious Gemini at 2:15 pm PT, then coming into union with Mars at 5° Gemini at 1:15 am PT tomorrow morning. We feel motivated to share information, ideas, to discuss and communicate. This is what Gemini is all about, being an ever-curious air sign, new knowledge is all around us. Conversations could prove to be extra insightful as the Moon transits through Gemini. Join me for an insightful conversation about Uranus in Taurus, the 7-year long transit occurring right now – going LIVE at 12 pm PT on Instagram @kayleescharpf!

🌟 Much love to you and all of humanity 🌟