March 30th, 2019

Currently the Moon is in a weaning Crescent phase, the phase that occurs right before a new Moon phase! The Moon’s descent into darkness is symbolic of letting go, releasing the past, detoxing, and getting rid of anything outdated, so now is a perfect time for these types of activities.

The Moon in Aquarius today has us wanting to change things up a bit, do something different, be a rebel, and assert our independence. The Sun in Aries has this same effect but motivates us to take ACTION on what matters most to us (Mars in Taurus 29°). The urgency of today is felt especially by those who are Aries dominant in vibration, you are naturally attuned to Mars and it’s compelling deep-rooted urge to just do it! Mars does enter into #Gemini today at 11:12 pm PT and this will be the beginning of a communicative and intellectually motivated month and a half (until May 15th, 2019). Mars in Gemini motivates us to learn, use our minds, communicate and share ideas, listen to others, and continuously take action on what mentally stimulates us! This will yield great results

There’s a lot of energy during this season and is advice using it to your advantage because JUPITER, the planet of expansion, travel, ethics, morality, faith as well as growth, will be going RETROGRADE on April 10th, 2019!!!! All this outwardly expanding energy will then be turned inward for a time of reflecting upon on all of the things Jupiter governs. This will be a longer retrograde of a whopping 123 days!!!!! Woah!!! Be ready and do everything you can to expand yourself before this date.