March 27th, 2019 Mercury Goes Direct

A Capricorn Moon phase today creates a need to take responsibility as well as accountability for our life experience. The Moon will be making a tense square to the Sun tonight at 9:09 pm PT! This indicates a restructuring that is taking place, a clash between the old you and the new you is occurring now, be mindful. We are leaving old ways of perceiving ourselves behind and allowing more aligned versions of self-identity.

This month we have two Libra Full Moons, this is rare and is symbolic of the energy of this turning point in our timeline. It is Aries season where we are self-focused on becoming, initiating, enterprising at the same time our attention is called upon our relationships. Libra is symbolic of relationships of all kinds, it is now where we consider balancing the two.

Venus has entered into Pisces just yesterday, inviting us to explore a new way of relating. Venus in Pisces will have us drawn to the transcendental. Empathy and compassion are taking over the realm of relating. Our values shift toward overall compassion for the suffering of others, doing what’s best for the greater good. Relationships are romantic and connections are spiritual- boundaries are also less clear.

Great news! Mercury goes direct tomorrow! After a long while being in retrograde motion it is now moving forward in Pisces (3/5/19-3/28/19). We feel we can finally move forward with our visions as Mercury comes out of its shadow on the 16th of April. That next day Mercury also enters into action-oriented Aries!!! Let’s keep moving forward even if it requires us to isolate, sleep or reflect more often. Things will begin to feel lighter and clearer very soon!