March 9th, 2019 × Aries Moon × Loving Yourself

Good morning world! Today the Moon is still in Aries making a beautiful trine to Jupiter all day long and ending at 8:56 pm tonight. This inquires that today is a day of taking leaps, really indicating changes, expansion and growth! Jupiter is the planet that takes us to new heights, we activate this when we actively take on a new mindset or life understanding. Expand your life today in any way you can!

Moon square Saturn in Capricorn today which tells that we are adjusting our selves to be more aligned with who we truly want to be. Aries is the first zodiac sign symbolizing the very basic yet extremely important use of the two words, *I AM*. The words you follow ‘I Am’ with end up determining your personality, your will, your entire self-identity. Could it be that the Moon square Saturn is calling us to readjust how we use this powerful affirmation of self? Remind yourself of what you want to be- affirm, ‘I am intelligent, I am supported’, and make sure to affirm the things you want to be that you struggle with the most. As I’ve mentioned, squares that occur between two planets indicate a time of adjustment, here we are defining who we identify as in this life, today is a day to take yourself seriously. This Saturn / Moon square will be ending today at 10:31 am pst, this was felt yesterday evening very strongly as well.

The Moon square the Nodes ends its effect late this evening. It is a defining moment in time when the Moon makes a square to the nodal axis as the nodes are symbolic of karmic work we are doing as a collective, with the North Node in Cancer and the South in Capricorn we are making necessary changes in order to better align with our NEEDS & our family. As Cancer is the sign that represents home, family, emotional support and our own inner needs that enable us to have a rock-solid foundation- it’s a pretty clear message the universe is sending… Take ACTION or initiate (Moon in Aries) toward what you need to do in order to more deeply provide for yourself (North Node in Cancer). Cancer is ruled by the Moon- it would be wise to understand your own moon sign now, as we are called to take care of our needs and the Moon is the strongest, most reliable source of knowing what that it is an actual necessity for us.

Moon enters security focused Taurus at 11:10 pm PST and is conjunct Uranus until the following morning, many will be sleeping for this influence in America but when we wake up, I know I’ll have something for you all.

Thank you for reading and supporting my work, I am so grateful for you. ❤



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