March 8th, 2019 × Subconscious Programming × Pisces Season

Good morning everyone, today is March 8th, 2019, an Aries Moon phase currently at 9° as I’m writing this. An action-oriented day, giving us the push forward we need. With the Sun in Pisces I feel intuitively called to talk about how important our subconscious mind is, the part of us that acts on default, most of the actions we take are based on the program we have set in our subconscious, which is a combination of beliefs, past history, bias, family inheritance, opinion and perception- its the elusive area of our minds that really has such a tremendous effect on our daily life. In Astrology, Pisces rules over this territory, it is the opposite sign of Virgo, which governs the conscious mind, ruling Planet, Mercury.

Our subconscious is so vulnerable to the environment, outside influence seeps in so easily and if we are not careful, becomes ingrained in our psyche, and we act it out unconsciously throughout our lives. When we watch TV, listen to music, when we go into nature, meditate, create, imagine, dream, sleep etc we stop using our conscious mind and we go into a utilizing a different part of our brain, the subconscious. In this we open the precious part of our brain, a sacred part of our psyche that can really make or break a person in life.

A huge key to understand is that what we feed our minds with becomes our mental state, what we feed our subconscious mind becomes our life story. Do you want a different circumstance in your life but your own mind always limits you, telling you ‘you can’t do that’, so you don’t continue to pursue thoughts of expansion? What stops you from dreaming BIG, HUGE, FUCKING INSANELY ENORMOUS? What keeps you thinking that you CAN’T be who you want to be? Your own subconscious programming, that’s what! That’s why reading books that help you refine your thinking and fuel your mind with constructive, aligned, empowered thoughts can to be so profoundly effective. We have a dual mind, and to neglect one is to neglect the other. When we began to change our mental programming we can then change our lives. No matter what outer circumstance you THINK will make you happy, won’t actually make you fulfilled internally long term, because of your still working with the same psychological programming. Until we shift our minds to ABUNDANCE, SUPPORT, ALIGNMENT, INSPIRATION and we continue to work out of a program of DOUBT, FEAR, MISTRUST… We will continue to create the same results. Shift the inner world and the outer experience follows with it. As within, so without.

Love, A Pisces ❤

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