March 6th, 2019 × New Moon in Pisces × HUGE Shifts!

Pisces New Moon conjunct Neptune! ~ What a beautiful day we have before us with the Sun and Moon in the mutable, water sign Pisces. This New Moon is making a trine to Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, two planets in earth signs, making today VERY much about anchoring our dreams into tangible and physical reality. We can dream all we want, imagine, fantasize, but until we have the physical matching up with the non-physical, there is no balance. This NM is about feeling, gathering our intentions on how we are to move forward when the Mercury Retrograde ends in April. The NM begins to square jupiter at 10:23 am pst so be careful! Squares are present when adjustment is needed, with the NM in Pisces there is a greater urge to escape, neglect reality and focus on what feels good only, be mindful of this type of behavior. Escapism is not going to lead you to the practical results you so desire. There needs to be BOUNDARIES & STRUCTURE in order for your DREAMS to become REALITY.

The Pisces NM is conjunct Neptune all day so expect a day of feelings! Causing MAJOR emotional sensitivity and a fine tuned radar for subtle vibrations. Vibes are the most contagious now, its easier to feel the thoughts and emotions of those around you now as we are more susceptible to the psychic atmosphere. There is a certainly a powerful need for the use of creativity and imagination! The NM in Pisces next to Neptune is calling us toward our highest selves, spiritually aligning us with our greatest good with the guidance of intuition.

I believe a KEY thing here with the NM trine Saturn in Capricorn this morning is to understand the real life changes that need to be made, there’s an opportunity today to become even more solidified in who you are. Your higher self will always guide you on the highest path, its our only duty to surrender and do what it takes to align our actions with our purest intentions. Mars in Taurus is helping us build momentum, as Mars in Taurus LOVES routine, and right now anything we do repeatedly can become even more engrained in our lifestyle, especally as Uranus JUST ENTERED TAURUS THIS MORNING (12:27am PST). A huge shift that can only occur every 84 years! For the next 7 years we have the most evolutionary planet in the sign of Taurus, shaking up our security as a mass conciousness. Get ready to have our world rocked! Ill be writing a post on my best advice moving forward with Uranus in Taurus! Stay tuned 😌

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