March 5th, 2019 × Pisces Moon Phase & Mercury going Retrograde!

*March 5th, 2019* The Moon entered into Pisces only 11 minutes after midnight PST early this morning, then the Moon & Sun come together tomorrow for an New Moon at 8:03 am at 15° of Pisces! The next 24 hours can be best described as a time where we are very sensitive to our environment as well as our own inner knowing. Closure is what we can feel as the New Moon in Pisces forms overnight, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac symbolizing emerging into the ether, endings and spiritual communion.

MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE at 10:18 pm tonight (PST). This indicates that it is a superior time to mentally reflect! Taking a spiritual retreat can benefit us greatly now so we may get closer to source before moving forward. Mercury RX is not a time of taking things to the next level rather a time to going back, rearranging what we already have in place, going deeper within, taking just a little more time to be still before taking ACTION & initiative in April. Sometimes we don’t realize it but we can carry a lot of subconscious baggage, now is our time to clear this out of our psyche! Pisces connects to meditation and spiritual retreat because of the feeling of oneness and clarity that results! When we have subconscious thoughts that do not serve us, they end up holding us back from living our grandest life experience! *Goal of this Mercury RX: CLEAR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND OF ANY FEARS, DOUBTS, WORRIES, EMBRACE NATURE AND ALLOW INNER ALIGNMENT WITH MY HIGHEST SELF.*

Today 3/5~ the Moon begins to make a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces around 8:41 pm PST, bringing our subconscious and dream world to life as the New Moon combines with Neptune overnight. This New Moon is descending us into the darker parts of our psyche– the subconscious where there may be some cleaning up to do. A New Moon is a new start, a fresh slate to set intentions, in this case we are considering our whole life and vision of our future. I can assure you angels and guides are with you always, now more than ever, their whispers of love, support and guidance are much easier to hear. Take a pause, get away from all the stimulation and find solace in the world and in your own inner being.

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