February 26th, 2019 × Moon in Sagittarius

Sun at 07° Pisces
Moon at 10° Sagittarius

Its been an interesting night with the Moon square the Sun, definitely a time where we are challenged to CHANGE, adjust ourselves for the purpose of becoming more structured. This aspect is somewhat annoying because we are forced to face habits and patterns that may not be serving us and are called to make a shift. Stay alert, the universe is always guiding you and nudging you in the right direction, we just have to be calm enough mentally and emotionally to hear the subtle, sometimes very load intuitive call forward.

The Sun at 7° is coming into closer connection to Neptune 15° in the heavens at the moment! This is a very intuitive, sleepy, energetically sensitive time. Emotions are more easily felt and we feel drawn to spirituality. As the Sun comes closer to Neptune feel the wave of healing waters flow through your being, if you’re called toward greater rest and meditation, listen to that call! Our Souls are much more receptive to the realms of the unseen, the mystical, magical benevolent energy of the universe.

We awaken to the Moon squaring both the Sun & Neptune this morning as it comes closer to Jupiter late tonight. I’d say today is not the best day for making any important decisions, the Moon square Neptune especially may result in deception of sorts. This is a time of adjusting our spiritual philosophy, reflection, aligning and adjusting to living in accordance with our vision. The Moon ceases to square the Sun at 2:01 pm PST, , yielding some relief of the tension. Yet Neptune remains in a square to the Moon all day long.

The Moon and Jupiter come closer only to meet tomorrow morning at 6:31 am, bringing emotional optimism, hope, faith, and great expansion. Anything you do around this time can be just that much more beneficial and major growth can occur. Make sure this energy is being put to productive use because as I’ve said before, Jupiter also influences overdoing things, taking things too far, and in combo with the moon that could mean things that make us feel comfortable like food… Mars in Taurus at 8° is trine Saturn and sextile the Sun, this says that the actions you take now, with persistence and long-term goals in mind… will reap harvest further down the line.

I think Mars in Taurus is preparing us for the ride we are about to go on with Uranus in Taurus in March. Do you feel called to focus on security and take action for the purpose of creating greater stability in your life? That’s Mars in Taurus, Uranus in Taurus is going to shake us all up financially and make us awaken to a new way of perceiving value. Food will change a lot! So with Uranus in Taurus expect revolutionary shifts in banking, finances, food, farming, and agriculture… Let’s look back in history at what happened last time Uranus was in Taurus.

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