February 14th, 2019 Valentines Day Astrology

For my email subscribers: please excuse the article in that last email! That was not meant to be published! Thank you 🙂

Today the we have the Aquarius Sun at 25° and the Moon in Gemini at 18°!

The Moon is now in communicative Gemini making today ideal for sharing and exchanging information with others and having conversations of hopes and aspirations for the future! The Gemini Moon is making a square to Neptune in Pisces telling that today may be a slightly emotional day, where we may feel more sensitive and prone to irrational emotional reactions. By consciously aligning with your breath it will take you back into this moment. Moon opposite Jupiter says today is a day of learning through experience! Just be mindful of overdoing anything… Its easier to get carried away under this influence.

Embrace the duality within yourself today, the opposite sides of your nature. For many of us we have conflicting parts of our psyche that require balancing and awareness! In a Gemini moon phase its easier to intellectualize our emotions and understand them through conscious thought. Maybe take a moment today to reflect on what ways you have opposites existing within you. It helps to understand ourselves through self-reflection and allows us to better understand our own needs.

Mars has entered slow and steady TAURUS where it will remain until March 31st, 2019! Mars likes to go FAST, do things quickly, impulsively in the moment but in Taurus… not so much! Mars will have us asking ourselves if what we are doing is actually WORTH IT for us?!?! Mars in Taurus will have us questioning what we do because it forces us to take things slow, have patience and focus on something really worthy of our energy! I think this will be a nice Mars transit through Taurus because it offers an opportunity to really evaluate and determine what is truly valuable in our lives! We are more determined to be fixed and to prefer routine with Mars in Taurus so by really identifying what is of true importance to us helps to direct our energy toward things worthy of our persistent effort!

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