February 9th-22nd 2019 ~ Mars Square the Nodal Axis in Effect!

This is a very special happening in the heavens! Mars is hanging out next to the Moon and Uranus in Aries, making tense and challenging aspects (squares) to the nodal axis! Let me explain why this is significant for us all!

The nodes represent a karmic imbalance that we are working through as a collective. Right now we are working with the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer. We are called toward the north to nurture our home environment, take care of our needs, embrace privacy and the exclusivity of a home atmosphere and family dynamic.

The other side here is the South Node in Capricorn asking us to let go of old outdated social norms, to stop for a moment to be present here, now instead of focused on the next mountain to climb and conquer! The Capricorn South Node gives us permission to pause, stop being so strict with ourselves (To a degree! Discipline is still always important 😉) and listen to that soul calling within. The South represents the direction we are leaving behind, so by consciously agreeing to say good riddance to any part of you that chooses ambition, worldly success and recognition at the expense of leaving your Spirit strained and tired. Capricorn also represents the order of society and the rules in place to keep the structure, what may be holding many back now is the limited mindset of the culture you’re immersed in. It may be time to open your mind, think broader, but most certainly… think differently!

To attain true success now, go in the direction of the North Star, it will guide you to where you need to be. The North Node in Cancer says we achieve this by embracing what makes us feel safe, cozy, supported and at home within our own bodies. Cancer does rule over the physical home we live in but what I’ve noticed in my time of observing astrology is that the sign of Cancer is very much about feeling at home within your own body. Having that deep connection to your roots, your foundational self, in essence, your soul. This square between the nodes and Mars indicates that action needs to be taken in order to restore balance within yourself. Maybe that has nothing to do with working hard but rather becoming a more open vessel for your Spirit to flow through.

The moon is in Aries in a Crescent phase. It’s during this phase that we are coming out of a New Moon and the moon is slightly lit up by the sun that illuminates it. This is a time when we are to plant the final seeds of intention to be buried firmly in our minds and to apply light pressure on the seeds we planted during the New Moon in Aquarius on the 4th.

We are called to action with the moon, Mars and Uranus in energetic Aries, but not just any sort of action, innovative enterprise is what today is all about! Doing things differently, thinking in new ways that allow us to feel lighter in moving forward. This is about utilizing our minds to really focus in the direction we want our lives to go without letting any predispositions get in your way. If something you are used to is no longer working out or feeling authentic, then maybe it’s time to recognize the internal shift that has occurred within you over the course of the past few weeks.

All of these eclipses have been reset buttons for different areas of our psyches! What has recently awakened from within you? How are you no longer able to fit into a certain box, maybe an identity you’ve held onto is wearing away? Let it go. By taking away your attention from anything you take its power away in your life. What you focus on grows, no matter what it is! So the best most courageous thing you can do now is focused on how to be the most authentic version of YOU, now, in this present moment.

It’s important to know where the transiting nodes are located in your birth chart, it indicates an area of focus for you. In my own chart the transiting nodes land in my 6th and 12th houses, representing work life and productivity and the opposite polarity of private life and spirituality. I’ve noticed in my personal life that the North node landing in my 12th house has emphasized the need for rest and more sleep that I’ve ever needed in the past. The South Node in my 6th has me questioning my rigid daily behavior. My health which is also governed by the 6th house has been alerting me that its time to change my focus and readjust. Cancer ruling over my 12th house has me focused on the private, personal part of my nature, by embracing my need for more meditation, quiet, and solitude I have been feeling my life open up in new ways.

Book a consultation with me personally to find out where this nodal axis is currently affecting you in your natal chart. This information can help you make concrete decisions for your own well-being and Soul evolution. Every journey is unique and there is no one answer, that’s why astrology is such a profound tool, its focused around you and you only. Get in contact if this is something you feel called to do. Let’s do some soul work together 😋❤ Serious inquiries ONLY. Thank you so much for reading.

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