Febuary 2019 Astrology Forecast ~ Aquarius Season!

February 3rd, 2019

Venus enters Capricorn


Venus, known as the planet of love and relations enters into the sign of Capricorn on this day. Venus is the planet of money, values, love, pleasure, harmony, relaxation, beauty, art, talents and resources where Capricorn is related to traditions, the keeping of social order, professionalism, and ambition. Whilst Venus is in Capricorn we are more attuned to using our money and resources in a more disciplined and conservative way and at the same time called to take greater responsibility for our finances. When Venus is in this particular sign it influences the need to get serious about our relationships as Capricorn is about long-term dedication and maturity. Venus’ transit through Capricorn will put many relationships to the test for longevity and integrity. Especially when Venus gets closer to the deadly combination of Pluto and Saturn later this month, relationships are either for the long run or not. Venus rules over one on one commitments of all kinds and when it comes into contact with Saturn we will be asked to take greater responsibility for ourselves and how we exchange our emotional and material currency. This could indicate the taking on of new financial responsibilities, shared or personal. Venus then conjunct Pluto will bring to light issues that have been buried having to do with taking personal responsibly over your life and the karma you create with accumulated actions you take.

Venus trine Mars and Uranus in Aries

We will see some radical breakthroughs in our relationships and connections with others at this time. As Uranus and Mars get closer together expect sudden insights and mental advancement, this is a time where taking action in creative, inventive, unusual ways is supported. Mars in Aries already offers a burst of ambition and momentum and as it comes into union with Uranus in the last degree of Aries… This is a big deal! Uranus rules the sudden and unexpected and Aries is the sign of putting ones self “out there” and becoming visible, utilizing your energy to be more active and involved in life. So expect to be inspired to new means of taking action, maybe an awakening and breaking down of previously perceived limitations. This will offer breakthroughs in attachments in relationships and also lead to harmonious co-creative experiences with others. I’d also warn of unexpected unconscious angry outbursts over the course of this transit.

February 4th, 2019

New Moon in Aquarius

new moon

This is the mark of a new beginning, a time for setting intentions, planting seeds of long-term goals and aspirations. This New Moon at 15° of Aquarius invites us to go within and ask what it is we are here to do that benefits the lives of others. Aquarius is the embodiment of collective energy and the awareness that we are all connected. We can help change the world by changing and taking responsibility for ourselves. This New Moon invites you to reunite with the Aquarian side of yourself that knows us all to be integrally connected, knowing that we all have a duty to the whole of humanity. A large part of that responsibility is individualization meaning you have an obligation to be who you truly are in this lifetime! By embracing your unique individual calling you do what you came to this earth to do. By having the courage to take an unconventional path in life you show others that they can create what they desire in their lives too!

New Moon sextile Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius

This New Moon is making two positive aspects to Mars and to Jupiter, making this day filled with energy and opportunity for expansion. Technology can be used for great advancement. There is a push to do something under this New Moon, and I think it’s wise to remember that sometimes doing something may sometimes appear like you’re doing nothing at all! Reflection and writing out goals, aligning your minds genius to what you project into your future is doing something. Apply your genius to projects you are working on or new ideas you are inspired to at this time. This is about using our higher mind to pave the path forward.

February 10th, 2019

Moon in Aries conjunct Mars and Uranus


When the moon is in Aries we are more quick to react emotionally and impulsively. The moon governs the emotional energy of the day and has a direct influence on the unconscious. On this day we will feel filled with a burst of energy, ready to take action and assert our independence. The moon conjunct Mars in Aries brings with it a drive to act on our feelings. There is an emotional vitality to this day and stirs us up so that we may start something and take action in some way! This sense of urgency in the ether can lead one to take impulsive acts. Uranus and the Moon come together later in the day and this can create an electric energy that can also be felt as unconscious impulsiveness. Any flashes of insight that occur at this time should be taken seriously. Strong intuitions to express yourself during this time are very important to be aware of as they could be inspired from an evolutionary place.

Mercury enters Pisces


On this day the planet of the mind and all forms of communication enters into the watery, sensitive realms of Pisces. Communication takes on a more vague, spiritual undertone. Nostalgia is more likely to occur through emotional impressions from the past. Music, writing, poetry and creativity are favored during this transit. There’s an empathy to this transit where we can feel others emotions more easily and are more prone to being energetically influenced by the environment. This transit can inspire intuitive thoughts and encourages self-reflection and solitude to be alone with your mind.

February 13th, 2019

Mars conjunct Uranus at 29° of Aries

Today is a big day as Mars and Uranus will meet at the very last degree of Aries. The 29th degree of Aries relates to taking action and asserting the self purely out instinct and drive. This transit will give a strong urge to break out of any limiting situations in your life. This is an energy where you are going to need to DO something and its advised to make this something surrounding your passion or personal desires. This is the type of day that you will want to have a particular goal in mind and to focus on it. Flashes of insight can lead to new opportunities in your life. The energy we feel today may be hard to control as our bodies will be charged with the electricity of Uranus and Mars together. This is a perfect time to be innovative and to explore new ground. Let go of old ways of doing things.

February 15th, 2019

Moon in Cancer Opposite Saturn in Capricorn at 16° between Venus at 13° & Pluto at 22°


This day offers a lot of contrast with the moon in Cancer getting us in touch with what motivates us, and the 3 planets in Capricorn opposing it. Venus, Saturn and Pluto all together within 10° of each other face us with tests within our relationships. Some may be tested by distance or time, already shaky foundations in relationships become even more noticeable now. Strong and healthy relationships can benefit from this time and it may actually lead to greater commitment. Venus coming into contact with Saturn brings karmic lessons of integrity, loyalty and true commitment to relationships. Hard challenge lead to learned lessons that result in shaping character and sharpening bonds with others.

February 15th, 2019

Moon in Cancer (conjunct North Node) opposite Pluto In Capricorn

With the moon still being in Cancer, the desire is to feel a sense of belonging and safety. This is a time where we may forcibly become aware of our needs that we’ve been neglecting! Pluto opposite the moon can lead to some intense, cataclysmic situations that help encourage nurturing your being.

February 17th, 2019

Venus conjunct Saturn


The test of time and distance in relationships are at the strongest it will be as Saturn and Venus come together in conjunction today. This transit brings harsh lessons in love and that either creates a stronger bond or breaks down the relationship. Harsh lessons of money management may arise now and we feel the need to act more conservatively with the resources we have.

Moon in Leo square Mars & Uranus

The moon in Leo inspires optimistic emotions and risk-taking behavior, there is a drive for fun, passion and creative self-expression. Leo is the sign of love and passion so by embracing this within yourself now, you align with the energy of the universe. This square to Mars and Uranus may cause a lot of unconscious action taking. Be mindful of what your emotions motivate you to do at this time as there may be some readjusting to how you respond to things that are needed here. This transit can help us break out of emotional ruts that have been stopping us from living our true authentic expression.

February 18th, 2019

Sun at 29° Aquarius enters Pisces at 3:15 pm PST

The Sun enters into a new sign on this day, the season of Aquarius has allowed us to move forward with a fresh start. The Water Bearer sign enlightens us with a refreshed perspective and outlook and clarified knowing of long-term goals. It’s in this season that we are called to embrace personal freedom, individuality and the beauty of all humans. In the season beginning today we explore the emotional and spiritual realms of Pisces. Happy Solar Return to all of you beautiful Aquarian out there and thank you for reading!

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