The New Year 2019 ~ The Begining of January and What To Expect Astrologically

January 1st, 2019

Saturn conjunction Sun

01/01/2019 around 10 pm PST

The first day of the year begins with the Sun working in combination with Saturn at 11°. This yields a powerful message that 2019 is a year of getting serious and taking responsibly for our life experience! There is no doubt that 2019 will bring a reality check to us all on some level.

This is a marks a year of working hard and doing the things that are harder but are worth doing! Be serious about your life and what you’re creating! We need to assert some sort consistent effort at this time.

On that same day the moon is in Scorpio, making a connection to Venus in Scorpio around 3 pm PST. There will be a focus on intense and intimate interactions. There are likely to be transformational emotional occurrences. You may want to control outcomes more under this influence, but its best to be aware that this day will invite some sort of emotional changes and to be ready! Introspection could uncover some buried treasure. Meaningful, deep interactions are more likely to occur now. The first of the year is likely to be the purge of an old life to allow a new one to take its place. We will feel more inclined to letting go of what is no longer serving us, prioritizing our energy is of great importance now. Allow the transformation to take place. There’s an opportunity to merge with others around you and learn from the values of others.

January 3rd

Moon conjunct Jupiter than Mercury


We feel excited, optimistic under this influence. There is great momentum building on this day, an opportunity to grow and expand as we learn new things and aim higher. Emotionally we feel great as the moon passes over Jupiter, we get to experience a boost of clarity and optimism. As the Moon joins Mercury in conjunction later in the day, the heart and mind come together in union. There’s an opportunity here to take a leap and align with a more expanded version of ourselves. Growth occurs when we are willing to learn and take on a different perspective! This is preparing us for the Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn coming up a few days following which will bring some intense energy with it!

The Sun is coming out of its conjunction with Saturn, offering some relief yet we are still feeling the pressure get to work to commit to long-term growth.

January 5th, 2019

New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn at 15°, 5:39 pm PST

Mercury enters Capricorn along with the beginning of a Capricorn stellium


Life begins to feel even more weighty on this day as the moon renews itself in the sign of Capricorn. We will see 5 planets in the sign of Capricorn making this time period one where we feel reality and if it’s not what we want to be, we are now made aware that is our responsibility to change it. This new moon signifies the beginning of a new life and taking on new responsibilities in order to achieve it. There is a sobering effect to a new moon in Capricorn, where a no-nonsense attitude would be beneficial to adopt. A lot of transformation can occur to help us take on a new form in this life. It benefits us to surrender to the changes taking place, with Neptune in Pisces, feel and flow. There’s tremendous breaking down of old realities and building of new ones going on around this time. It’s best to be mutable, changeable, flexible at this time yet firm about your goals.

January 11th, 2019

Sun conjunct Pluto

1/11/19 at 3:40 am PST

Energetically, this is going quite an intense day! On this day we feel Pluto fully, boldly, as the Sun and Pluto meet, eliminating anything in our beings that is inauthentic. This day can only occur once a year and when it does there is a for sure message of transformation and letting go. Our careers and professional life are taking on a new form, let these transformations occur. There’s a part of us that is dying off, and a new us is emerging, this day can be felt like a snake shedding its skin, a relief as we can finally let go of that extra that’s been holding us down. This transit may influence us to become more serious about our own lives and have us more concerned as to how we will create a long-term security. The world and the way we do business is transforming, so it’s time to allow this natural and necessary change in.

January 12th, 2019

Moon Conjunct Mars in Aries than Uranus a day later

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1/12/19 at 4:12 pm PST


These two days will be filled with a charge of energy, initiative and a need to take action in some way! We are more likely to act with passion under this influence, this could also lead to impulsive emotional reactions. If any day, these two days will be influencing the desire to take action, to do something!

There’s a fiery energy to this Mar/Moon in Aries conjunction! Make productive use of this energy by setting intentions as to how you’d like to filter it on this day! As we set intentions for ourselves we are more likely to move forward in the direction of what we truly desire in our soul. By finding alignment with your heart and mind, this energy will propel you closer to your own unique destiny. Follow your heart and take initiative toward what matters to you most now.

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