Last New Moon of 2018 in Sagittarius 15° ~ December 7th, 2018

InkedNEW MOON 12.6._LI

This new moon is in Sagittarius at 15° and marks a new beginning for us to explore ourselves in more expansive ways. There’s a need here to make adjustments to our philosophy of life. Individually, we are allowing a blooming of sorts! A new version of us is emerging and this new moon is to help us truly feel it and deeply connect to this newly emerging self. A new moon cycle begins a new momentum for the next 28 days.

What is the vision that propels you to make changes now? With the new moon in a tight square to Mars & Neptune in Pisces we need to use our energy and intentions to set fire to the flame of our soul purpose! We have all incarnated here for a reason during this time of great change! Now more than ever are we called to take these intuitive feelings seriously! We did not come here to go along with what society tells us is right, no! We came to CREATE OUR REALITIES!

First things first, this new moon is lifting us higher, to broader ways of seeing things, a faith that can propel us into the years to come! Now is the time we have to set things off and align with our deeper intentions of growth. Who are we expanding into at this time? What is our core intention in the vision we have of the future?

NEW MOON 12.6.11

Mercury and Venus are back in Scorpio and both out of retrograde. A last dip into the underworld mentally and socially/materially. This is a mentally transformative new moon, where we can really get in touch with what is worth our precious time and energy. Venus is now direct in Scorpio and the relationship area of life just became more disciplined and private. Energy is valuable, Scorpio’s know this best. So be okay with being on the DL for a little while Venus transits through Scorpio if you feel called to do so. Venus is asking us to be intimate with our finances, and to potentially find ways to work with others in a way that allows for both to benefit. This is where Scorpio’s desire to share resources to create greater security comes in! Venus in Scorpio also indicates a greater desire for financial security and power over finances! Our minds are invested in things that provide long-term security at this time.

New Moon in Sagittarius square Mars & Neptune at 13° of Pisces

NEW MOON 12.633

Mars with Neptune creates a nebulous effect during this new moon, meaning that the energy is much more likely to feel a bit hazy and unclear. There will likely be a feeling of vague inner tension where we must reflect in order to find clarity! Be cautioned of how you use your energy now. We are dominated by the subconscious mind at this time so be mindful of subconscious urges and impulses! Solitude could be a positive way to utilize this energy. It’s possible to feel distorted or delusional under this transit, if so physical exercise could be very beneficial in counteracting this. Creative energy is a force that can propel us toward our wildest dreams, but as per the square, results may occur only after a bit of a struggle.

NEW MOON 12.6.22.jpg

Uranus is in Retrograde at 28° of Aries, it’s making a square to Pluto and a trine to Saturn. Uranus is actively calling us all toward embracing our own unique identity, telling that the time is now to really go back and begin rekindling the most essential parts of personalities! With the coming Pluto/Saturn conjunction occurring in 2020, I see every aspect they make to other planets as preparation for this LARGE event that I promise you will ripple throughout all of our lives. Uranus square Pluto is revolutionizing the way the world expresses individual identity. YouTube is utilized by billions of people on a daily basis, where 10 years ago, that was not the case! More people go to YouTube for everything now and this I see as a result of Uranus’s travels through Aries since 2011. It’s become a source of information that enables us to take action and relate to others in amazing new ways. New doors are breaking open due to this transit and aspect to Pluto. Don’t resist the call to go with the changing times. We must innovate to keep up with this rapidly changing world around us, that’s what this square reminds us of. The future is made now. Uranus trine Saturn in Capricorn wants us to solidify something revolutionary. Using technology to advance yourself; realizing your own individual drive and being okay with solitary pursuit; working on long-term goals; these are all high potentials of Uranus trine Saturn during and around the time of this New Moon. Breakthroughs of revolutionary thought pertaining to our own individual character are likely to occur now. Stay on the leading edge, Uranus rules technology, use it to your advantage!

This new moon can have us lifting off to another level. There’s a lot of potential building up here in the heavens over the course of what’s left of 2018! This new moon acts as an opportunity to start anew, take lift off with a fresh perspective, really begin toward that vision that pulls you forward. If you need, this is also a perfect time for using your imagination to get a clearer understanding of what it is you envision for your life’s unfolding in the coming year. How will you use your precious time on this Earth?

Happy New Moon everyone ❤️

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