Jupiter in Sagittarius Through the Houses

Jupiter is in its home sign of Sagittarius!

This fortunate transit only happens every 12 years and will be offering us all a sense of greater wonder, a need to travel, explore and expand into broader horizons during the entire year of 2019!

A heightened sense of restlessness pushes us to go beyond and aim higher! Jupiter in general expands whatever it touches, bringing it to life! Jupiter governs over the sign Sagittarius, known to be the constant seekers of the zodiac, always open to new experiences and varying ideologies. Most Sagittarius’ carry the essence of cheerfulness and generosity. Although there’s a dark side to this sign that we should be aware of. Jupiter governs the will to explore and experience life, and this in excess or misguided can lead us down some scary roads. Sagittarius loves to have fun, and feel good, so there is a tendency to overdo things that feel good! Be very mindful of this over during this year. There’s going to be a lot of the ‘fuck it’ mentality along with jumping into things without thinking of any consequences.

Overall 2019 will be a year of growth, expansion, excess, and new life experiences. I want to get personal about how this will be affecting us individually based your rising sign (ascendant or AC)!

Sagittarius Rising

Traveling – Change of Identity – Change of Physicality – New Experiences

If you have Sagittarius on your ascendant this year will be one of great adventure! The fire of the 1st house meets Jupiter in Sag, a fire planet and sign! This guarantees that many things will change for you as Jupiter makes its way across your 1st house. Your naturally one to be open to every opportunity to learn something new, and if it’s interesting you’ll ask and engage about it more! Jupiter here will be expanding on your ability to connect to others through conversations. Traveling is almost guaranteed. The most important thing I want you to be aware of this year, Sagittarius risings, is the fact that a lot of new information will be coming at you throughout the year. You will be given an opportunity to expand your view of the bigger picture of life and your personal perspective will broaden. As your view of the world gets larger, your identity will follow with it. New life opening before your eyes! Just be aware, your tendencies to be so spontaneous, and willing to jump into opportunities to adventure. My best advice: think before you jump! Is this aligned with your values of accomplishment and personal growth? There’s a lot of opportunity for you this year, and things will be very different by the end of 2019, guaranteed. Just make sure when the opportunities arise over the course of this year, that you take into consideration the meaning of it. Is what you’re expanding on really truly aligned with the duty you feel you have in this life? Or may this be a societal expectation that you have been taught to value? Be open to new ways of thinking, project yourself, speak your mind but be very willing to listen! You’re descendent in Gemini is also activated by this transit! This year you will be called to new actions and need to leave old ways behind. Jupiter will expand your identity so it will be harder to play it small! Embrace this year for it can teach you a lot about yourself.

Scorpio Rising

Money Growth or Loss – New Ways of Making Money – Material Growth

For those of you Scorpio ascendant’s out there reading this, what a fortunate year this can be for you! Jupiter is traveling across your second house, ruling over your personal resources (like money, and anything you own yourself), your values, and it’s really bringing attention to what you find most meaningful! So this can be a year of really taking it to that next level with your finances, maybe taking on an entirely new way of making money! There’s a lot of opportunities for you to make as well as spend a lot of money this year. By reading and gaining new knowledge you can help yourself attract abundance by gaining more personal value! Your ideal way of making money is very possible this year, but make sure you’re really thinking about what you jump into! Traveling for the purpose of making money is more likely this year. Your entire value system will receive a reboot, where you expand on what you believe and this opens up vistas of uncharted territory in your life! Your value of other people’s perspective and foreign cultures may be activated within you and you feel compelled to take action on this urge to explore. Follow through, use this lucky star to jumpstart your love of the world and all of its varies cultures and ways of living! Learning something new will help you increase self-worth. Be ready for the opportunity’s that present themselves this year by getting grounded in what you value.

Libra Rising

Mental Growth – Knowledge – Expanding Within Immediate Environment

Libra risings! Of you beautiful, graceful beings you! You have Sagittarius on your 3rd house cusp, ruling your immediate environment, siblings, neighbors, your mindset, communications, and using your mind for learning! Your naturally able to communicate to all types of people from all types of backgrounds and beliefs, this is an amazing skill you have, this year will offer you the opportunity to expand on this! Your immediate environment may change because your mental travels lead you to new horizons. Your relationship to your siblings may prove to bring you fortune this year. You have the ability to expand using your mental capabilities. Your immediate environment may likely prove to benefit you greatly, as well as interacting with your neighbors. Mainly you are learning something new this year, when Jupiter transited my 3rd house I began to really spend time studying astrology. I spent hours gaining the basic knowledge which now benefits me as Jupiter transits my 4th into my 5th house! Which will happen for you over the next 2 years! The 3rd house is preparing you for the 4th, so be very willing to have your mind changed this year! Your ability to grasp large concepts and big picture perspectives will serve you greatly and this year will prove to be one of radical mental growth and change. Remember, it’s all about perspective!

Virgo Rising

Moving Away – Inward Expansion – Foundational Fire – Inner Spark Ignited – Freedom

Virgo rising people! This is a year of sheer adventure, growth and expansion on the home front! Sagittarius rules your 4th house cusp So there’s a really lucky star offering to take your personal life to that next level. Traveling for the sake of family may be a more likely occurrence in 2019 along with a greater chance of relocating to a new location. Your essential need is to have the freedom in your own space do to as you please! So this year you will be encouraged to expand your home life to allow for greater room to roam! Anything you were called upon to learn in 2018 when Jupiter transited your 3rd house, you feel the need to fully act upon as Jupiter transits your 4th house. There is a call to use your faith, mixed with the right amount of knowledge to free yourself from lower states of psychology. Use this opportunity of Jupiter on your IC to take action toward creating greater emotional security for yourself. As you act upon this great need for freedom, you will find yourself learning and embarking on a journey uniquely your own. Life will lead you as you stay steady focused and prepared for opportunity when it presents itself!

Leo Rising

Self Love – Self Expression – Passion for Learning – Knowledge and Self Growth

Leo risings! This year is your year to SHINE! Sagittarius rules your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, love, fun, sex, romance, creation along with the actual physical creating of children! Jupiter transiting ones 5th house is a transit very common when conceiving it a child! Your personality is glowing this year and your ability to make a positive first impression really helps in the opportunities that present themselves! Confidently pursue your passions, this will allow your ability to express yourself to expand this year. You happiness will either expand or it’s possible you could over extend yourself in pursuit of happiness. The key here is to find your creativity, your joy and let that be the force that you let expand you and your fixed fire. Confidence is key in what you are embarking on anything 5th house related. When taking a risk in business, when taking a risk on a new romance, when having a child, when expressing yourself or putting yourself out there! All risking the security we form in the 4th house for the sake of creating emotional security. The 5th house is ruled by the Sun, so 2019 will be a year of shining your light, using your creative force to build on securing your identity. Be careful of being overconfident and overdoing things that you find fun with no productivity as the outcome, find ways to use this Jupiter energy to expand your self-image in this life. Your creative juices will be flowing.

Cancer Rising

Traveling for Work – Self Growth – Adjusting Daily Routine – Fortunate Jobs Circumstances

Cancer rising! Your 6th house of daily routine is what’s being activated by this year-long transit. Work and daily life in general are about to take on a new level and there’s a major opportunity for you to expand in this are! You naturally are all over the place with a very active daily routine, there is a great chance that traveling for you this year can bring great fortune! What I would say is that as Jupiter transits your 6th house, be very mindful of your blood pressure and activity/foods that would promote and overdrive in your system. Since the 6th house rules over health this year could bring a very great health based on new things you learn! Use this year as a time to realize that the key to success is hidden in your daily routine. For you, this year will prove this to you. Make the most of your time by using faith to draw better circumstances into your life! Greater freedom is always available to you when you commit to always expanding!

Gemini Rising

Expansive Relationships – New Social Experiences – Beneficial Relationships

Gemini rising’s, this is a BIG year in the relationship area of your life!!! It is more likely that you benefit from being in a relationship this year. It’s also likely that new relationships will begin that can open your world up a brand new way! You can learn and gain a lot of insight from those you attract into your life this year, Gemini rising, let yourself be open to learning from others! Your relationships and social life will receive a major boost this year, I guarantee you’ll notice greater luck in working with others in your life experience. 2019 will be a year where others bring great fortune into your life. You may desire greater freedom to connect to all different types of people and this year makes that possible. My best advice for you is to be ready for people to bring you what you need this year, this lucky star lands in the house of relations for you and I predict this will be a great time to expand your network, meet new people, and expand your horizons socially! Your love life may take on a whole new meaning and your significant other, or other sorts of committed partnerships may prove to teach you things and help you grow!

Taurus Rising

Letting Yourself Rely on Others – Vulnerability = Growth – Knowledge is Power

Taurus rising people! So, Sagittarius rules your 8th house, known as the house of sex, death and taxes! How will this be affecting you? This year will offer you an opportunity to let go of old ways and embrace new ones! Your entire perception will transform as a result of Jupiter transiting your 8th house! This year will offer you opportunity to really make powerful use of your inner resources and expand on your deep inner depths. This year will bring a lot of your fears to the surface, hidden emotions, releasing old connections that you no longer have the time and energy for!!! You can learn a lot about yourself this year and by the end of this transit you will be freed of many of the psychological hindrances that may have stopped you from realizing your own power before. If you’re in a relationship, your partnership will likely prove to bring you greater fortune. Sharing resources, including money, expenses, liabilities, will be beneficial to you and there’s a greater chance to receive an inheritance or unexpected money! Being with your partner can teach you a lot. If you are not in a partnership, you could begin one this year, I’d say its more likely. But if you do not, close intimate relationships you have will prove to be expansive for you. By being willing to go into those depths of your mind and really ponder the ways in which you’d like to focus your power, you open up doors of new perception. You are going to come out of 2019 with a broader outlook on your own psychology. Maybe opportunities align this year for you to use your power for good or to teach people.

Aries Rising

Traveling – New Experiences – New Beliefs – Greater Understanding of Big Picture

Aries rising, Sagittarius rules over your 9th house! Jupiter is in the house it feels most at home in for you! Last year a lot was revealed to you while Jupiter transited through your 8th house, fears were exposed so that when Jupiter entered your 9th house you’d be ready to take the leap! You are called to expand and broaden your horizons this year. Traveling I’d say is almost guaranteed! When opportunities present themselves be open and ready to use faith to propel into new experiences. Your belief system will receive a reboot, making it much more possible for you to align with the mental state needed for you to go after what you’re inspired to at this time. This is a lucky, expansive year, you will be motivated to action in new ways and take on something new. This year you will likely want to learn something new or embrace new ways of thinking. I advice going to the self-development section of a bookstore and seeing what your drawn too! The changes that occur this year will be in your own beliefs, this will help you when Jupiter meets your mid-heaven in 2020. This will be a very big year for you! Understand all is in perfect timing!

Pisces Rising

Popularity – Career Advancement – Purpose

Pisces risings! Sagittarius rules your 10th house! Your public persona will receive expansion and you will likely be very popular and potentially influential to others during 2019! You will learn much about what feels right to you and who you want to be in the world! You will be exposed to new types of people, new environments and when you look back at this year, you will see how much of you has changed. The changes that will occur you this year include the likelihood that you will expand into more who you are. You may take on a new adventure in pursuit of a new career! This may require you to learn new things in the process, so embrace the journey upward to new worlds! You will feel ambitions about who you are becoming and worldly goals take on a greater importance to you. You have the opportunity to make real headway in your career and public life. I’d say my best advice is keep seeking to understand yourself in the world better and you will find your calling if you havent already. Just know that faith really can move mountains for you this year, Pisces Rising. Keep being optimistic and focus on your highest vision you can imagine for your life and keep heading in that direction. You got this.

Aquarius Rising

Expanding Social Network – Advantages of The Technology Age – Beneficial Friendships

Aquarius rising! Sagittarius rules your 11th house, house of friends, long-term goals, humanitarianism, networking and the internet! You innovative, unique individuals have an opportunity to expand within your network and sphere of influence. Your friends may help you expand in some way this year. Your aspirations for the future will drive you to take on a new adventure, a journey unique to you. Whatever you set in motion last year as Jupiter transited your mid-heaven you will be called to follow through within 2019!!! You may feel called to expand upon your internet presence or to begin utilizing the advantage of this technology age. In your case, Aquarius rising, team work really does make the dream work! If you find yourself working with others on a long-term goal, you can know that this has a great chance of bringing you abundant growth! Focusing your mind will bring you great and sudden realizations. You can really make some movement toward you long term vision of how you’d like the world/your life to be.

Capricorn Rising

Expanding Vision – Dreams & Solitude – Self Reflection = Expansion

Capricorn rising, this will be influencing your 12th house of secrets, subconscious and all that is hidden. Behind the scenes is where a lot of your action will be taking place this year. You’ll likely crave alone time to learn, explore and adventure. It’s important you take time to connect to your soul, the subconscious part of you seeks out freedom. You will likely experience vivid dreams and feel more of a desire to do some soul-searching behind the scenes, embrace this call. Your fears will emerge, fears of really taking a leap of faith in some way. You’re the type of person who thinks long-term and is very aware of how your actions either grow you or hold you stagnant, this year, in order to truly grow you must be willing to be open to having faith in something greater. Get in touch with your vision, let your creative mind wonder. You can do anything you dream up in this life, you have the determination! Allow yourself to dream up a great vision for yourself moving forward and be ready for 2020 when things get really real for you!


Jupiter can really be used in a positive way or in a negative way. So I caution being very mindful of going over the top, leaping before you think, or gambling with life. I’ve notice Jupiter leads to excess and that can lead to negative outcomes. So be warned and careful during 2019. Otherwise, it will be a year of great development, expansion and opportunity!

Another point I’d like to conclude with here is that if this explanation on Jupiter in Sagittarius does not resonate with you, it may be because you have an interceptions in your natal chart. You find these by looking at your chart to see if any sign doesn’t have an assigned house. For professional help, reach out to me!

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