11/13/18 Jupiter Warnings

Since Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8th, 2018, there’s been a restless energy in the air, a feeling that has awakened the desire within to really go after our full potential.. For those who are in tune with themselves on the inside, guided by an inner drive, and inner being, you will resonate with this in some way shape or form. As the planets reflect the energy dynamics we experience here on this Earth, they carry vibration, with stored information, as each of us do within our own beings. Let’s activate that information here.

I’m deciding here, now, that I’m not going to morph my writings to suit what I think people would want to know. I’m going to let my self write, and just feel.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, what a huge shift! Occurring on November 8th, 2018 and lasting an entire year, this transit is something to take note of. Regardless of if you follow your own chart (although that would benefit you greatly), it is beneficial to know what is going on in the Universe, what are the stars trying to relay to us? Jupiter is an inner planet, meaning it governs the inner part of us all that wants to keep expanding outward, experiencing life so we can therefore learn and grow and be wiser, This is the ideal situation. Jupiter is also the planet of excess, overindulgence, going too far and not thinking of any consequences, skipping over details and jumping into new things. I’m sure we all can relate to this feeling if we allow ourselves to be honest. This is what Jupiter’s energy is like, being the ruler of Sagittarius and the traditionally the sign of Pisces, we find a unique yet essential part of life and living. Expansion. Expedition. Traveling. New people, new places, new things. Enjoying the experience. Expanding our knowledge. Growth due to experience. Wisdom. Spiritualism. Philosophy, beliefs. All these beautiful aspects of life, expect them to become more and more pronounced. Especially if you have any major planets in Sagittarius or have a heavy influence of Jupiter in your birth chart.

Anyway, here’s something I’d like to mention… Jupiter is great and all, and being in its home sign is a very powerful opportunity to really bring our visions to life by finally taking that leap. But I like to think logically as well, knowing that there are always an array of ways one can utilize this energy. So lets begin here.

The way I see making the most productive use of this time is by really finding out what it is you feel individuality called toward. What is the calling in your soul? Let me be clear that this year, 2019, will be a year that will create change that will expand you into a new place. This expansion can go many ways, and that’s why what we want to do is look at the bigger picture, as Jupiter in Sagittarius will have us do.

The bigger picture – we currently have the Sun in Scorpio, where deep transformation is possible when getting deep and intimate with your subconscious. The fixed, and focused, desirous side of you, your shadow self or dark side. And I don’t mean, doing what is bad. No, I mean your wholeness. I’ve learned during this Scorpio Sun that in order for things to be balanced, good, and harmonious sometimes there needs to be a fight, a person who asserts their will, an argument to restore the polarity. And in this case, with the Sun in Scorpio, in order for us to live comfortably on this Earth, within ourselves, we must look and accept that we are human, we have negative patterns, toxic ways. The Sun in Scorpio gives us the ability and opportunity to bring light to our dark sides and use our awareness to transform them. The part of ourselves that can go deep, connect deeply with another, merge with our higher self through the deepening of connection within. Jupiter was just in the sign of Scorpio and this allowed for us to really expand into this awareness of what we have going on deep inside. A lot of darkness surfaced, it was difficult for us all, but it was to prepared us for now.

How will you use all the transformative situations of 2018? What have you learned through 10.10.17 to 11.8.18 that has cause a deep and real change within? Remember all those lessons and don’t throw them away just because it all feels more positive and jovial now. The energy of Jupiter has entered a much more… lets just say, sometimes naively optimistic sign (all depending how it’s used). This is just a friendly warning, as I know this Jupiter energy all too well. Remember, Neptune retrograde in Pisces, go within, find your soul, be guided from your source center. Thank you for reading. Be back to connect with you later, here’s the chart of the day. 🙂


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