Kaylee Scharpf Astrology

I am an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer + my mission is to help you reach your fullest potential and live the life of your dreams!

About Me

Astrology has been a divination tool used since ancient times. The first humans to exist on earth used the stars to help them navigate their life here on earth. My purpose on this planet is to help you awaken to your highest potential as a spirit incarnate using Astrology. It is my belief that we come to this earth with a soul mission, lessons for our soul to learn and karma we’ve come to balance out. We are in this physical form to learn, grow and evolve as an eternal spirit traveling through space + time. Through the use of astrology we become aware of this mission, the reason we have come to this earth.

As a tree or a flower begins with just a seed, as do we – our birth charts are the seed of our potential in this lifetime. My mission is to help you nurture yourself through gaining deep self-awareness & an understanding of where you are in your spirit’s eternal journey through the cosmos. Through deep integration & embodiment of your true nature, the fulfillment of your potential blossoms and blooms. I am here to be a mirror of your soul, to help you live out the life of your wildest dreams!

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Book a Reading with Me

Birth Chart Reading

1 hour 15 minutes @ $200.00

Interested in gaining greater self-awareness & further your understanding of your soul’s purpose in this life? During this 1.25 hour session, we discuss your inner workings offering you in-depth insight into your soul’s path of evolution! Your birth chart can be thought of as a blueprint to your soul mission.

Clarity Call

1 hour @ $155.00

This 60-minute clarity call is intended to provide you with intuitive answers to your question(s). If you are seeking clarity in a certain area of your life experience, this appointment is for you! I am here to serve as a medium to offer you the insight, words of affirmation, journaling prompts, and clarity that you are searching for. All the answers are within you, it is in this space that I serve as a mirror to your soul.

Yearly Forecast (Solar Return Chart)

1 hour @ $155.00

Every year on your birthday you get an astrological chart that reveals the energy of the year ahead! During this 1 hr session, I will bring awareness to the overall message of your SR chart. From one birthday to the next, the SRC is an excellent tool in revealing the themes that will arise for you during your next “solar year”.


Self Actualization through Astrology


This work is designed to teach you about your inner workings. We work with each planet individually, focusing on its aspects, its house, and the house it governs to create a comprehensive guide to embody the highest expression of what the particular planet represents. One step at a time, we illuminate your cosmic blueprint. If you are seeking to know yourself by exploring the depths of who you are, this is the work for you. We dig deep to give you self-knowledge coupled with self-awareness, allowing you to rise to your highest potential.

This work is structured to immerse you into the depths of your psyche, teaching you about yourself as we explore the innermost depths of your natal chart one step at a time. This is for the souls who know it’s their time… time to take their lives to that next level. Time to expand their self-awareness + be held, challenged, and supported by someone who can really SEE them.

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