I Am


I am so many things, as are you. We are all multidimensional beings, how could a simple ‘about me’ section do any of us true justice? Who we are is utterly unexplainable because we are ever-expanding consciousness in human form. We are our ancestors, our environment, our past, present, future self, our minds, hearts all in one. I believe that at the core of us all is conscious awareness, a goodness, a soul.

My intention here is to introduce myself, I’m Kaylee! Originally born in New York, having lived in Colorado and now currently Washington state. I can’t help it! I have Jupiter in the 4th, for those of you who understand the language of the stars, it would make sense! My relationship with Astrology has grown and developed over time and my acceptance of it was definitely not immediate. I was never introduced to this idea of Astrology and the depths of the charts until I sought it out… I had the impression that Astrology was nothing more than horoscopes and that it was some unexplainable coincidence that the description of a Pisces so well described who I am. As I kept seeking answers I was led to my own personal realization through experience that astrology is a tool, a gift to us humans, and a major key in understanding our own individual being. It’s the realist look into the psychology of a person, and is essentially a map to the workings of the mind.

I’ve created this platform as a safe place for cultivating growth, self-empowerment, self-knowledge, and soul alignment. This is a place to integrate ourselves into higher levels of awareness by deepening the knowledge of ourselves within.

Based on my own life experience I’ve felt the pain and anguish of being out of alignment with my own inner being, as well as seen it occurring in others all around me. I’ve sought to understand how one can stay in alignment, maintain and thrive in one’s life experience by first seeking it out myself. Like many of us out here in this world, we have pressures and societal expectations that really influence a lot of the decisions we make. My work in this lifetime is to help others understand themselves deeper, to therefore offer them an opportunity to really live from a place of alignment. We are all uniquely designed with our own creative expression.

My intention is to maintain a professional and personal platform for connecting with you and others seeking alternative perspectives of the life we live. As a collective human race we are stagnant in self-understanding and very disconnected from the fact that we are all connected in a world of information. The entire universe that surrounds us is very much within us, and this is where the bridge of Astrology comes in. Astrology offers us a medium to understand our inner worlds and how they play out in our outer life experience. My intention is to share the understanding that with knowledge of our selves we become driven by inner forces and guided by an internal authority. My work is to seek deeply to understand your unique being with the intention of offering you information that directly connects to you. The focus here is to no longer need to compromise our true self-expression due to the outside forces that inevitably exist around us, and how we start is by making a conscious connection to our inner selves. My intention is to empower you by offering intuitive services that help connect you to your deepest, truest authenticity. Here I invite others from all around the world to join me in lifting the stigma off of this sacred knowledge and to embrace its value into our lives.

Join me in my life intention to leave the world a better place, by improving our relationship to ourselves we upgrade how we interact in the world. Everything changes when we shift our inner world and awaken what we have lying dormant within. The universe within you is awaiting your discovery, everything you need is within you. I’m here to be as a bridge, connecting you to you.

With abundant gratitude,